The Geode™ continues to prove its Economic Advantages in Rigid PCB fabrication with multi-system in Asia. READ FULL RELEASE.

You build some of the most innovative PCB boards in the world with demanding accuracy and yield requirements. Will your current CO2 via drilling systems elevate your production to meet future design and material challenges? How about your competition?

Discover the innovative technology features for smaller vias, faster throughput, and high accuracy to meet your precise production demands. Let Geode’s innovative capabilities maximize your capacity and elevate YOUR production.


Faster Vias
Sound waves shape laser pulses to improve via quality and increase throughput.


Better Vias
Uses sound waves to distribute light to drill different vias without optics path adjustments (no downtime).


Consistent Vias
Discover how you can actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your PCB processing.

Spatial Distribution in Action

Outpace your competition by increasing your Rigid PCB throughput by drilling multiple via diameters in a single pass. Geode™ will enable you to process an extensive dynamic range of via size without changing the spot size.

Time & Power in Action

Your traditional Rigid PCB via drilling system may need several pulses to ablate copper & material, reducing your production yield. Increase your throughput and accuracy with Geode’s pulse chopping capabilities to ablate copper and material with minimal pulses.

Monitor & Control in Real-Time

Discover how you can increase stability and via quality with the industry’s only real-time power control. Geode™ will enable you to actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your Rigid PCB processing.

Interested in discovering how the Geode advantage will benefit your Rigid PCB production, Our laser drilling experts will contact you directly for a personalized, confidential benefits discussion. Talk to a Geode technology specialist today.