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Smaller vias, faster throughput, and higher accuracy this is Geode.  Discover six new technology features for HDI, SLP, and ICP applications.  Higher performance, precision in a smaller system footprint...

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Smaller vias, faster throughput, and higher accuracy this is Geode.



Via Quality

Sound waves shape laser pulses to improve via quality and increase throughput.



Improved Throughput

Uses sound waves to distribute light achieving a broader range of vias in a single pass.


Integrated structural air flow supports improved thermal equilibrium and simplified maintenance.


Smaller Footprint

Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and lower cost of ownership.


Increase Yield

Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime.

"The system's sophisticated beam steering and pulse shaping technologies provide the flexibility and control that will be required for 5G applications using high-frequency compatible materials and finer-pitched interconnects fabricated with modified semi-additive processes (mSAP)..."


Geode combines dramatically increased throughput with the accuracy and flexibility required for advanced 5G applications - all in a smaller, lighter package.